A Myer Centre Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Home to the largest Myer department store in South Australia and with more than 80 specialty retailers under one roof, the Myer Centre Gift Card offers a variety of choices from fast fashion, accessories, toys, sportswear and equipment, and beauty services.

The Myer Centre gift card is easy to use and is redeemable at any participating outlets in Myer Centre where EFTPOS is available.

Where to buy the Myer Centre Gift Card    

Visit our Customer Service Desk on ground floor and our friendly staff will be able to help you with the purchase.

Alternatively, click the 'Buy Now’ button to make your purchase online. 

Please note that a $2.00 administration fee will be charged on top of your gift card purchase.   

For online purchase a postage and handling fee will also applies.

Please note that the gift cards may take up to 48hrs to process and activate.


How to use the Myer Centre Gift Card
  1. Take your Myer Centre Gift Card to any participating store located at Myer Centre, Adelaide. Please note that the Gift Card is redeemable in all stores that accept eftpos.

  2. Simply swipe the Myer Centre Gift Card, select ‘Savings’ on the EFTPOS terminal. The purchase amount must be equal to or less than the balance on the giftcard.

  3.  Enter the PIN number on the back of the Gift Card and press OK.

  4. The Myer Centre Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

  5. Check your Myer Centre Gift Card balance and transaction history by clicking here or calling Customer care on 1300 764 721.

  6. Any Myer Centre Gift Card that is damaged or faulty at time of issue will be replaced at no extra cost; please call Customer care on 1300 764 721 for assistance.

Please be aware of the Myer Centre Gift Card’s remaining balance before making a purchase - if the total cost of items purchased is greater than the balance of the card, you will be required to make up the difference with another payment method.

Myer Centre Gift Cards Terms of Use
  • The Myer Centre Gift Card should be treated like cash. Defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen cards will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed.

  • The Myer Centre Gift Card is redeemable for merchandise or services at all Myer Centre Adelaide stores, where EFTPOS is available. 

  • The Myer Centre Gift Card may be purchased in various denominations from $10 to $250. 

  • Administration Fees; A $2.00 fee applies upon the issuance of each Myer Centre Gift Card using card payments. 

  • The Myer Centre Gift Card is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used for the payment of credit or retailer accounts, nor used at ATM’s to withdraw cash.

  • Individual Myer Centre retailers are not required to accept the Myer Centre Gift Card for any purchase under the value of $10.

  • The Myer Centre Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the issue date, and must be redeemed before the date of expiry.

  • The Myer Centre Gift Card will be void and cannot be redeemed after the date of expiry. Once expired, the Myer Centre Gift Card cannot be reloaded.

  • The Myer Centre Gift Card is partially redeemable. It is up to the cardholder to use the full value before the date of expiry. Cash change will not be given for any unused balance.

  • Any unused balance on expiry of the Myer Centre Gift Card will not be refunded or credited.

  • Where the cost of any purchase exceeds the available card balance, the cardholder will be required to make up the difference with another payment method.

  • The cardholder is liable for all transactions on the gift card, except to the extent to which there has been fraud or negligence by Myer Centre, Adelaide, or any of our employees.

  • You can check your card balance at any time by clicking here or calling 1300 764 721.

  • Myer Centre, Adelaide reserves the right to change any of the terms contained in these Terms of Use at any time. Changes to the Terms of Use will be available on the Myer Centre website.

Call 1300 764 721 if you have any reason to believe that an error has occurred in relation to your Myer Centre Gift Card.

Standard Terms of Use (Givv)    
  • Funds may take up to 48 hours to be activated on your Gift Card.

  • Redeemable anywhere EFTPOS is available.

  • Instructions for use: Swipe card at the EFTPOS terminal, select ‘Savings Account’, then enter the 4 digit PIN printed on the reversed of the card.

  • Treat the card like cash, lost or stolen cards will not be refunded. Cards cannot be used at ATMs to withdraw cash.

  • To find out the card balance click here or call Customer Care on 1300 764 721

  • Gift Cards expire 12 months from the date of issue.

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Pedal, Prep & Go

Bike rack and shower access now available for less than 50 cents per day!

If you ride to work, you can now store your bike at the Myer Centre via swipe card access to the secure bike rack area (with locker storage and shower facilities available). Accessed via North Terrace (Lift 3 in the Terrace office tower) the bike rack area is located on Level 2 of the Myer Centre Car Park.

$15* pre-paid every month

As well as having a healthy lifestyle, cyclists are being encouraged by the Adelaide City Council, to decongest the city. It also makes good environmental sense. Every car off the road equates to a saving of approximately 5.2 metric tonnes of carbon per annum.

For more information please contact the Car Park Manager on (08) 8410 1142 or visit the Car Park Office (on Car Park Level 1).

Car Park office hours: Monday to Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday 10am to 5:30pm.

*Includes GST.

From Frumpy To Fabulous With The Rundle Mall Stylist - Tamara Nicole

The Rundle Mall precinct has its very own styling lounge with fashion stylist and image consultant, Tamara Nicole.

For all bookings and costs please contact Tamara on 0402 849 703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au and quote 'the Myer Centre'.

One-On-One Personal Styling

One-on-one personal styling sessions are a fantastic way to learn tips on how to dress for your body shape and tricks on how to accentuate your best assets. You will be provided with professional advice on what look suits you best; and working within your budget. Everyone has their own individual requirements so each session is tailor-made just for you.

During your consultation we will cover a number of important factors...

Body shape

This will determine what shape, cut and length of garment will best suit you and how to make the most of your best assets.

Body Proportions & Particulars

This will give you the knowledge of what size accessories, patterns and fabric to wear ; you will learn techniques on how to camouflage and highlight areas of your body.

Personality and lifestyle

This will determine what style of clothing best suits you and your lifestyle, so you have a functional workable wardrobe that expresses your own personal style.

Face Shape

This will give you the tools to select the most flattering necklines, glasses/sunglasses and hair styles.


This will give you an idea of what colours are the most complementary.


Wardrobe Overhaul

We are all guilty of having too many things in our wardrobe that we won't throw out because we might wear it one day. Truth is, if you haven't worn it yet, you probably never will. Once going through your wardrobe and fine-tuning the content, you will get advice on how to best organise and manage your clothing and accessories. We will look at what key items you need to fill any holes you may have to create a functional, workable wardrobe.

Colour Analysis

The visual impact of colour on a person is immediate and lasting. Recognising your ideal colours will ensure you always look fresh and vibrant.

During your colour consultation

  • First a colour draping system will be used to determine your most flattering colours.
  • You will be shown how to use your new colour swatch.
  • You will be shown your best colours to complement your hair, eyes and skin.
  • You will be given tips on how to wear your perfect colours and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.
  • You will be shown your best neutral colours and how to use them to build a great basic wardrobe.

Group Personal Shopping

The group personal shopping sessions are great if you're looking for an outfit for a function, night on the town or tips on how to wear the new season trends. Its a fun session you can experience with your friends or family. Contact Tamara to organise a personalised group booking.

Gift Certificates

All services are available as gift options. For all bookings please contact Tamara on 0402 849 703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au and quote 'the Myer Centre'.

Information On Tamara

Tamara is a fashion stylist and the proprietor of a personal shopping, styling and wardrobe consultancy. She has had over ten years experience in both the fashion industry and image consultancy.

Tamara is formally trained in personal style, image and colour theory and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She combines trends, body shapes, colour, budget and lifestyle into her styling sessions, to ensure you achieve a look that is individual and stylish. By providing expert fashion and styling advice she has helped women and men of all ages and sizes.

Tamara is a regular on the Adelaide fashion scene styling for fashion shoots, commercials, visual merchandising displays and events. Tamara's experience is diverse, working with the corporate and retail sectors, training staff and providing valuable image and style workshops to some of Australia's most successful companies.



Speak to our staff at the Customer Service Desk on Ground Level (Rundle Mall Level) for assistance. From finding the location of a store, to lost property, to pick up a kid's ID band or centre directory, wheelchair hire or to purchase a Myer Centre Adelaide gift card we will always be happy to help!

Details of all other in centre services including chemist prescriptions, shoe and watch repair, engraving, key cutting, passport photos, clothing alterations and SA Lotteries please refer to the Store Finder.

A Public Telephone can be located on Lower Ground Level near Priceline.

Customer Service Desk trading hours

Monday to Thursday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Wheelchair Loan

Shopping is simple at the Myer Centre whatever your ability. We are here to make your trip more comfortable and have wheelchairs for loan, free of charge, with approved identification.

Bookings are recommended, please contact the Customer Service Desk during trading hours on 08 8212 1200.

Food Underground on Lower Ground Level is a hot spot!

Connect in centre

  • Simply turn on your mobile WiFi in the vicinity of Food Underground on Lower Ground Level
  • Select Free WiFi Myer Centre
  • Now enjoy free* internet and email on us

Powered by DC4G *See log in screen for terms & conditions.

ATM locations

ATM’s are located on the Lower Ground Level and include ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and Redi ATM's.


The Parent Room located on Level 3 features;

  • Baby change tables
  • Microwave
  • Private feeding rooms
  • Secure play pen
  • Toilet facilities including a child sized toilet

Kid's ID Bands Available Now

Shopping at the Myer Centre is now even safer and easier.

Kid's ID bands are now available, making it easier to shop with little ones in tow. Feel more comfortable knowing your child can be easily identified in a busy shopping centre in the instance of you becoming separated. Pick up your FREE kid's ID band from the Customer Service Desk on Ground Level.

Toilet Locations In Centre

  • Lower Ground Level behind Priceline and Roco Pasta
  • Level 1 behind Ally Fashion
  • Level 2 behind Toyworld

There are also toilets on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the Myer department store.

Toilets for the disabled are available on the Lower Ground Level behind Priceline and Roco Pasta.