Myer Centre Car Park Rates

Monday – Saturday rates
0-0.5 hrs$4
0.5-1 hrs$8
1-1.5 hrs$13
1.5-2 hrs$15
2-2.5 hrs$19
2.5-3 hrs$23
3-3.5 hrs$26
3.5+ hrs$29

Including trading public holidays.


Sunday rates
0-0.5 hrs$3
0.5-1 hrs$6
1-1.5 hrs$10
1.5-2 hrs$11
2-2.5 hrs$14
2.5+ hrs$15

Excludes Boxing Day (Monday – Saturday rates apply).


Early bird parking
Monday – Saturday enter before 9.30am and pay only $16*.
Sunday enter before 11.30am and pay only $9*.

*Terms, conditions and quotas apply. Customers must park on Car Park Levels 4,3 or 2 and drive past the early bird licence plate recognition camera (on Car Park Level 2) and exit by close on the same day to be eligible for the Early Bird rates.
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Ongoing offers
Friday Night Owl rate
(in after 4pm)*
$8 flat rate
Lost ticket$29

*Night Owl rate applies to entry after 4pm on Friday’s only and exit by close on the same day. Please see car park opening and closing hours.