Food Underground


Does your day start with a coffee on the run? Do you spend the morning contemplating the most important decision of the day, “What’s for lunch?”

If you want to avoid microwave meals in the office kitchen, then step onto the Myer Centre escalator and into the ultimate food destination, right in the heart of the Adelaide CBD.

Food Underground in Myer Centre Adelaide has all of your favourite tastes and treats, whether you’re on the run or making the most of the ample seating in the Lower Ground food court.

Fill your belly and choose from a worldwide selection of cuisines including Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Vietnamese and Indian, or your favourite big names such as Boost Juice, Subway, McDonald’s and KFC.

Add to this the array of delectable cafes including Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Jamaica Blue on Upper Ground Level, and you’re spoilt for choice at the Myer Centre Adelaide! Discover all the options available in Food Underground.

Centrally located and open seven days a week, Food Underground is convenient for office dwellers, nearby uni students and shoppers alike. No craving is left unsatisfied at Food Underground.