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Romantic symbols of love meet delicate ethno-patterns: the new items of jewellery in the THOMAS SABO Spring/Summer Collection 2016 tell tales of dreams, summertime joie-de-vivre and true love.

Ethno-inspired looks, traditional Maori tattoo symbols and fine ornamentation: the inspiration for the GLAM & SOUL line comes from foreign countries and distant cultures. The absolute highlight of the season is the artfully crafted, imaginative Dreamcatcher items of jewellery: each necklace, bracelet and ring in the range is adorned with delicate feathers and turquoise coloured stones. The Dreamcatchers are in line with the Boho trend. Complementing these items are the new FESTIVAL Love Bridge bracelets, which instantly convey a feeling of lightness and casual living. Catwalk trends, such as the minimalist LOVE CUFFS and the glamorous DOUBLE STUDS earrings, are part of this new romantic, feminine collection.

Dominant in the masculine Rebel at Heart line are expressive motifs of inner strength and protection: Hanuman, the monkey god and trustworthy protector from Hindu doctrine, makes an appearance in this iconic line. The bull skull with rebel attitude is a key piece of the new Spring/Summer Collection as well – a must-have for all fans of progressive styles. Traditional Maori symbols such as the twist symbol, which stands for life’s infinite multitude of directions are reinterpreted with delicate tattoo patterns. The expressive pendant in the shape of a shark’s tooth represents strength and commitment to family. The pendant’s ornate Maori patterns wows with its extraordinary look.
The new watch highlight of the season: the Karma Watch.

Five sensual ladies’ watches with a round case are adorned with elaborately crafted, oversized crowns modelled after the popular Om, Arabesque or Pavé Karma Beads. Timeless elegance meets good karma. In the men’s line, models in yellow gold and in a grey retro look set the colour trends for the season.

THOMAS SABO is located on Ground Level.

About Love