Like a laser

Like a laser

When Shannah Roscoe and her partner brought the national laser hair removal franchise, Laser Clinics Australia to Adelaide the concept was still new. Shooting concentrated light beams into the skin to end a hair follicle’s life sounded futuristic – for early adopters only. 

Now, the Myer Centre location of Laser Clinics Australia is treating clients on their lunch breaks. 

“In the city – lunchtime is our busiest time,” says Michelle. “It’s definitely the new technology. Waxing’s out the door now. Electrolysis is out the door now. Definitely laser is the new way to go,” she says confidently.

With several of the world’s best laser machines at their disposal Laser Clinics Australia have taken a unique approach to retail in the Myer Centre with not one but two stores.

“I really wanted something on the ground floor because that’s where people see us,” says Shannah continuing, “coming out of the Myer department store, coming in for lunch – just to be able to see us, that’s what I wanted and then bring them upstairs for treatments.”

Laser Clinics Australia operates a kind of concierge desk on the ground floor and treatment rooms on level two. This innovative approach is working on many levels (pun intended) as a way of educating people on laser treatments as well as providing a level of discretion and calmness for customers receiving treatments on the upper level.

The process of removing your hair will take between six and eight visits but the effect is long lasting and in many cases, permanent. Laser Clinics Australia has been able to normalise what was once a fringe or luxury expense is due to their competitive pricing says Shannah.

“The whole aim of laser clinics Australia is to make these kinds of treatments affordable for people. So basically we’ve cut the prices dramatically in South Australia,” she says. 

When we ask how they are able to undercut other operators, her answer is simple – Laser Clinics Australia perform the most laser treatments across the country. “We work on volume,” says Shannah.

The Condesa laser machines the company uses are also incredibly advanced. 
Traditionally people with darker pigment skin have not had success with laser treatments because of the way the technology targets pigments to identify follicles. The Candela machine has overcome this hurdle and Shannah says with complete confidence that clients with darker skin are getting the same results as her lighter-skinned clients.

And with Laser Clinics Australia’s specials always rotating on their facebook page there’s sure to be an offer that’s too good to refuse.