Myer click and collect

Myer click and collect

Everyone's busy these days, with most people straddling their sanity between work, study, home duties, stocking the fridge, staying active and preserving a little time for some fun. I bet if you were to ask people to describe their day, the word 'busy' would pop up most frequently. And when you're busy even something as enjoyable as shopping can seem like a chore, often added to the bottom of the long list. I know the feeling. But, don't dismay, the Myer Centre is here to help. Their spacious luxury car parking and 'Click & Collect' online shopping promotion will have you in and out in no time!

I’m a big list person. There are about 20 minutes each morning devoted to compiling the perfect, orderly list. Things as simple as eating lunch, a shower and buying ingredients for dinner make it onto the list, even leisure activities like online shopping and items to suss out. I find it helps me get the most out of my day and plan a logical route between each activity.

Today my list consists of breakfast radio at FIVEaa in the city, a quick brunch on the run, and then a short commute to organise pays, bills and staff concerns in the afternoon at Royal Copenhagen Brighton, which I co-own with my sister. Followed by a quick clean of the house, perhaps a little espresso, then a yoga session, and a few dozen emails. But, most importantly, at some point today, in between A and B, I must source the perfect outfit for an evening out - dinner and drinks with friends. 

In an ideal world I’d wander through the glossy make up counters which line the ground floor of the Myer Centre, get lost amongst the heels and strappy sandals and gaze longingly at the newest summer collections, with trips back and forth to the change rooms. But unfortunately, like most people I’m assuming, my shopping experience these days mostly involves me on the couch in my track pants, looking a little worse for wear with a big cup of tea (or wine) in hand and my Mac book positioned firmly on my lap. 

Usually a quick scan of the Myer website is suffice, a few clicks and a flash of my visa details and my outfit (in this case) is sorted. All I have to do is select ‘Click & Collect’ at the checkout and I know it’ll be there waiting for me when I finish work in the morning, and at no extra cost. And if I just so happen to get a moment at work and I order before 12pm I can pick up my purchases in the very same day – perfect for emergencies when there’s simply no time to wait for the postman.

With a coffee in hand I pull in to Stephens Place and down into the Myer Centre’s car park. It’s such a relief to see extra wide parks so there’s no need for a 16-point-turn – a common ‘Tiarne’ manoeuvre, being the overly cautious driver that I am. I also often find myself lugging a heavy bag around and feel myself get flustered as I squeeze between my car, a post and someone else’s shiny BMW. And add into that equation a number of shopping bags too; it’s a recipe for disaster. But the extra space means I don’t need to break a sweat or worry about scratches to my paintwork. The levels are also well lit, providing a secure, safe place to park even if you are dropping in after 5pm.

A short lift ride up to level 4 and a chat with a friendly face at the counter and my shopping is done! Moments after I’ve pulled in to the car park I’m off again, out into the sunshine to go about my business.

It’s all about convenience at the Myer Centre, helping you get to the end of that list quicker so there’s more time for you.